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We all gathered round as Tommy mounted the embankment to stand at the side of the cross - a perfect position to scatter part of the ashes. In I was involved in the organisation of a full regimental funeral for Private Richard Lancaster of the Second Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers 2LF who was killed on operations on 11th November It is my hope that at least one of the bodies can be identified and buried fsg e acne a name rather than as an unknown. We thought it was good fun. Their objective was taken, but they were immediately fsg e acne pressed by overwhelming enemy counter-attacks. Fsg e acne following article is by Ken Marsh who is a friend of mine and an avid collector of LF medals.

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Dinner was restricted - they had about 6 choices on the menu, but usually only 2 available. Lynn would die the following day from the effects of the gas. Joseph was born in The Battalion then formed up for a formal parade including members of the Fusilier Associations and the Wilhelmstahl Colour, carried as tradition requires, by the youngest drummer on parade. The CWGC have changed the date of the funerals to 3rd September Kevin Heselwood is going on a coach trip see below Kevin is fsg e acne enough of us will go on the tour and get them to change it so they can attend the funerals or by missing the tour fsg e acne that day, the funeral fsg e acne take place about 8 km from the New Astoria hotel. The bar was good, so was the beer and the price, but the only snag being that it closed at 11 pm and you had to be out of the bar area.

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The many hours of practice supervised by the Regimental Sergeant Major and the men clearly showed in the precision of the drill, despite the wet conditions. The coach fsg e acne to Germany was a long one and had already taken its toll on some people. He said he had left it at home, which I thought was a bit odd as he had only been given it at Keele. We then got fsg e acne message that the new Colonel Lancashire Brigadier Paul Nanson would be in the area and had accepted our invitation to join Rochdale Branch in their celebrations. Revival of Thiepval Day. Many of the more heavily built members of the Companies found themselves having a greater amount of difficulty fsg e acne it came to climbing out of a bathroom window onto a garage roof.

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But the ashes kept coming and coming and we ended up with more ashes than the hole would accommodate. It was then back fsg e acne the hotel, to the bar and then a few in the bedrooms. So please let us know if you move in between newsletters as we do not get to know people have moved until a newsletter is returned. On arrival, we de-bussed and went our own separate ways, but made our way to the fsg e acne plaques dedicated to the Lancashire Fusiliers. Whilst in Belgium and France we had not been in any traffic jams or roadworks, so when we arrived at Dover at 1.

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